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Quotes Going to the Chiropractor has helped to keep me active. Keeping up with 9 children & teens means doing new & exciting things & also means knocking out some of the way my body is supposed to be. Instead of just living with the pain & discomfort, I can come & put everything back right. It also has helped several of my children. Quotes
Teresa Knight
Satisfied Patient & Mom

Quotes I have chronic allergies and arthritis in my feet. I normally do the monthly fee and go to see Dr. K twice a week. Well with taxes due I have skipped the month of April and now I am paying for it. My allergies are off the chart and I have headaches every day, which I don't when I am seeing Dr. K. Needless to say, I will be back in next week and will give up something else instead of my visits for adjustments. Quotes
Peggy Whitten

Quotes Whenever myself or one of the kids complain about soreness, or any issues that we are having, she has an answer for just about everything. For instance when I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis on both my heals, she was not only able to make it feel better but she actually helped it to go away! Between chiropractic visits and massage therapy, I have been free from it for about 4 years. Thanks to both of them for that help! Quotes
A satisfied patient!

Quotes I believe it was 5 years ago my brother called me and told me he found the answer for my knee problem. I began coming right away every two weeks. The relief for my knee was amazing. I got to the point where I could walk through fairs and community projects without prescribed pain medications, and most of the time without my brace. After I gave birth to my son I found out that my hip had broken. I then started seeing Dr. K for the pain in my hip that radiated down to my foot. Through the same time period I developed Fibromyalgia. She was able to help control the continual pain I felt. Although her procedure is very quick it brings results that one would never expect. After a day or so the relief is very evident. My ?flare-ups? are less often. The amount of help I have received from especially Fibromyalgia has been abundant. I am amazed how well it helps. My two children and both of my parents also see Dr. Katrina. Quotes
Brooke Womble
Satisfied Patient & Mom

Quotes The morning after my first ever Chiropractic adjustment, I woke up without low-back pain for the first time in 11 years! I and my family have been going to see our chiropractor regularly ever since. We are all significantly healthier now. From fewer and less severe illnesses to proper accurate diagnosis when traditional doctors have been wrong; our lives are light years better than before we found Chiropractic. THANK YOU, Dr. Katrina! Quotes
Shaun & Jennifer Hawkins

Quotes My husband, children and I all get adjusted and it has helped each of us in a different way. We have experienced relief from headaches, back pain, and extremity numbness. It is a more natural and cost effective way for my family to stay healthy. Quotes
Lisa Dickens
Satisfied Patient

Quotes Dr. Kat has helped several members of my family. After my son wrecked a 4 wheeler he had whiplash. He was adjusted felt great within minutes. My husband had been in severe pain for over a week, been to the ER twice, come to find out he just needed an awesome adjustment. The adjustments aren't the typical pop and crack - it is very comfortable and reassuring. Thanks!! Quotes
Melissa Perone