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Community Outreach

Dr. Katrina has a very strong community outreach program.  She takes pride in gong into the community to educate the public on healthy living and a wellness lifestyle.  There are many topics that Dr. Katrina is qualified to speak on.  If you or a group you are involved in would like for Dr. Katrina to come and speak, just give the office a call at 229-594-1546 and let us know what time, place and what topic you might want her to speak about and we will certainly arrange the visit.  Dr. Katrina is also available to come into classrooms and speak about how the body functions.  

 Here are a list of topics that Dr. Katrina is ready to speak on:

  • Car seats and Car Seat safety
  • Boosting your child's Immunity
  • The Well-balanced Child:  The dangers of Hyper-parenting 
  • The Obese Child
  • The Wellness Pregnancy
  • Breakfast -The Healthy Choice
  • The  Backpack Dilemma
  • The Food Allergies  and the Aware Parent
  • Hidden Health Hazards in your home
  •  Home Remedies for the family
  • The Price of a Fall
  • The Fast Food Dilemma
  • The Beverage Dilemma
  • Stress Free Living 
  • Headaches
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Natural Approaches to health
  • And many more!